12 years ago, I was given military orders to relocate to California. I called 4 or 5, Property Management companies in the Bremerton area and only one call back – Action Now Property Management. Lindsey and her staff have managed my property ever since. Regardless of where the Navy moved me, they have always kept me informed with monthly inspections, recommendations on what to renovate when each tenant(s) moved out, and I have barely went without a tenant in these last 12 years – even with my strict rules on what kind of tenant I wanted. I have been extremely happy with this company and would highly recommend them to anyone; especially Military. (When stationed overseas and on deployments, I had no concerns and they were always courteous with the time differences) Every repair, incident, concern was vetted through me with options. Additionally, I agree with the comment about their professionalism, they have earned my loyalty and praise. I won’t deal with anyone else.