Testimonial Category: Tenant

I’ve been in the property management business myself for a lot of years, so being the tenant was somewhat new to me.  Action Now was so professional and attentive to any of my needs during my tenancy, and the walk throughs and prompt return of my security deposit was really appreciated.  As I do not take outside properties to manage aside from my development, I will feel proud to refer clients who need excellent management of their homes to Action Now.  Thanks team.

As renters, our dealings with Action Now Property Management have been very professional. They respond to our inquires rapidly, often less than an hour, and have treated us with respect and kindness. The lease procedure is somewhat bulky (37 pages) but thorough. If you are looking for a company to care for your home rental, I would recommend them.

We are a Military family and are experienced renters. We were very happy with the service we recv’d from Action Now. They were prompt in responding to issues and provided solutions that were very reasonable. I think some people who find them to be “rude” should understand that what they really are is “professional”.

We rented a home for 2 years with Action Now Property Management. The entire staff was professional, kind, and responded to questions, comments or concerns immediately. The lease agreement and pet policies are clear, concise and reasonable. I enjoyed working with Action Now and would recommend them for any property management needs.